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That's right, the Great Hero Hamel is letting you get it off your chest so he doesn't have to deal with it anywhere else. You gotta problem with me? You think my moronic mundane ain't playing me right? Spill your guts.

Each complaint costs you $50. So don't just say stupid shit.
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Hamel really hadn’t taken no for an answer after Nanami let him try her out in practice.  Somehow they’d ended up here on a very nice beach with blue oceans stretching as far as one could see and tourists mostly out of the way because Hamel was spit roasting a shark despite complaints from Nanami.  After some annoyance she disappeared to get some information and left Hamel to his devices which included poking and laughing at the shark. 

It was about half an hour later Hamel heard some yelling.  When he looked up, a fin still sticking out of his mouth, he saw Nanami running in the most unique fashion down the beach in his direction.  Behind her two skeletons were on her trail.  Hamel clapped, impressed with her speed before he understood that he was actually supposed to do something. 

“I found them!”  Was what Nanami was shouting which meant that these weren’t demons which he’d assumed at first (and still done nothing about) but actually their targets. 

Hamel stood and brushed himself off, fin still sticking out of his mouth when she shouted at him and jumped forward, just in time for him to look up and see her morph into sword form.  While he was looking which he considered a great improvement in their relationship.  Except now a scimitar was headed at his head point first. 

There was some screaming and flailing as she poked him in the forehead.  And then some swearing and yanking.  And then some bleeding.  And some more bleeding before he managed to wipe the blood from his face and remember that there were skeletons bearing down on him.  Oh yeah.

Blood still streaming down into his eyes he tried to strike a dramatic pose.  But the skeletons didn’t seem to care. Which was really fucking rude if you asked him.  It took them a little while to get their resonance back down because he was being a prima donna about not being appreciated by their foes and she was sick of his bullshit but eventually Hamel managed to focus long enough for Nanami to improve his skills with the sword. 

They were skeletons so losing a leg or two didn’t stop them immediately and it wasn’t until they had stumpy one and stumpy two that Hamel could really go to town. By the time they were through, there was mostly splinters everywhere and Hamel was crowing about how awesome he was and what complete dumbasses the skeletons were (as though he was one to talk).  Sometimes during the crowing he realized he was holding Nanami’s hand instead of a sword and she looked irritated. 

It baffled him that she didn’t want any of the deliciously smoked shark he’d made and instead moved off to the bushes to eat her two Kishin Egg souls despite him offering to make them sunny side up for her and everything.  No appreciation.   
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Name: Hamel the Hero of Justice (note the caps)
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Canon: Violinist of Hameln
Timeline: I'm going to take him from right after they save Sizer. (Vol. 11)

The Great Hero Hamel

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