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Name: Hamel the Hero of Justice (note the caps)
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Canon: Violinist of Hameln
Timeline: I'm going to take him from right after they save Sizer. (Vol. 11)


Hamel is kind of an asshole.  In his defense, he grew up the son Pandora, the woman who opened a box (yeah, that box) dooming humanity to extinction at the hand of demons.  His father is the great Demon Lord Chestra making Hamel a half demon himself and coincidentally Chestra was the demon who tricked Pandora into opening the box.  Hamel’s demonic side is evidenced by the horn on his head and he struggles to keep that side in check while keeping his humanity intact throughout the manga even if it doesn't always seem like he's trying very hard.  

Hamel actually started out rather sweet and innocent. Growing up though, he had only one friend, the rest of the townspeople often belittled him or hurt him because of his parents and his horn, calling him a monster. His mother was kidnapped by demons when he was about seven and the townspeople's were happy to have her taken because they hoped giving up Pandora would save their town and make the demon armies leave.  This all culminated in his demonic side coming to the surface.  Hamel massacred the town when he lost control in his grief and anger and no one survived except his best friend who hated him for killing his parents, a horror that he carries with him to this day.  His entire personality is warped from his childhood and his morals are pretty much nonexistent.

Hamel is greedy, often giving people astronomical bills after he saves their lives or ordering parties and dancing girls in his honor. He is willing to do just about anything for money and will, in fact, throw away his pride if he wants something even a little bit.  He is stingy, refusing to share unless it benefits him.  He is whiny and easily bored, a homophobe (odd for someone who's kissed more men than women, and hit on his best friend when he dressed him up like a girl), a total unabashed pervert and he does not like to let anyone get close to him.  He delights in dressing people up in various costumes, horrible, horrible costumes and if you're a hot chick, he's going to try to put you in something skimpy and sexy.  He is not above faking tears or hurt to get what he wants and he is horribly petty.  The first time Flute comes along with him, he tries to sell her as a slave to earn some extra cash.  He will pillage dead bodies for money or interesting knick knacks to pawn.  He comes up with asinine plans (to defeat enemies) and when they don't work will throw everything that is not bolted down at his opponent including his comrades (bonus points if they’ve been turned to stone).  Hamel is not afraid to hurt his companions either and he even gets very upset if someone complains about it.  Hamel eats,  anything and just about everything, and often threatens his friend Oboe, a bird, that he will make him into soup.  Under his long flowing cape he carries practically everything but the kitchen sink, its basically like hammer space  (the artist has even drawn what the inside of his cloak looks like complete with a kotatsu and huge cauldron which I can adjust to whatever is  allowable for the game).

Hamel is a sadist with a faulty guilty conscience.  While sometimes that guilty conscience  pops up he usually beats it back into submission, using his terrible behavior to keep people at arms length. He's terrified he will repeat what happened in his hometown and will end up  hurting the people he’s grown to care about.  Hamel swears like a sailor when it suits him and seems to be a terrible influence in that respect on anyone who spends any time with him at all (Flute, a respectable and lovely princess now swears almost as often as him).  But in the end he always ends up saving people and if they can't pay him he might grump and moan but he's doing it on purpose - he really does want to be good; he just doesn't want anyone to know it and to add to his irrationality he wants to be worshiped like a hero at the same time. 

Why is your character a good fit for the setting of Soul Campaign, and what will they do once they are in the game?

Hamel is constantly boasting about his Hero status (a lot like Blackstar).  He will gladly fight monsters and villains especially if he gets paid.  Hell, Hamel would lick someone's boots clean if they paid him and he'd smile the whole time.  All that said though, he makes a great foil to other people's characters. He'll pick fights and harass people and enjoy every last second of it.  If he can find people who are pushovers he will take advantage of them, so all those quiet characters who have trouble instigating things?  He'll like them the most and be happy to pull them out of the woodwork, especially if he can force them into costumes and humiliation.

List the abilities your character will still have in Soul Campaign:
Hamel is relatively strong, able to toss a gold piano at someone and beat the crap out of monsters five times his size and I don't mind limiting this to human capabilities for the game.  In this case, he will more likely shove people in front of him or trip them and run.  Although I would like him to have enough strength to easily play his violin in the proper position.  He will bring his Violin (which is about the size of a double bass) but won't be able to do magic with it (which will make him sad, no malicious puppetry).  I'd like him to keep his cauldron and some of his supplies for cooking that he stores in his cape even if it has to come in a separate bag for non-'bag of holding' sake.  He's good at making costumes so he can sew like a pro, he'll gladly spend much of his money buying costumes and material to make costumes once he finds out he can do that here.  He can also jump gracefully off of four story buildings (his landings are not so graceful and generally involve broken bones that heal somewhat quickly). I'm good with him having to go to the hospital when he does stupid shit.  Hamel is actually very good at hand to hand combat, he has a graceful, destructive style that seems close to kung fu but he doesn't use it unless he absolutely has to.  He is fairly good at judging a person's strengths, what drives them to act, and he chooses his music accordingly to inspire them and bring out those qualities.  It is an impressive skill that can translate to reading people in this game he uses it for both good (inspiring) and evil (picking on people).

List the weaknesses your character will gain (or lose) in Soul Campaign:

Hamel's most obvious weakness is his inability to empathize with other people.  He will be more susceptible to madness much like he has to fight to keep from becoming a demon in his own canon he walks a razor edge on this and the more people who can make him care the less likely he is to lose it. Hamel tends to work against his allies.  This probably won't change much and I feel sorry for them already.  If someone can manage to get him to care, he'll make certain they don't die.  But he'll never really be a nice guy.  And for all his perverseness he has next to no experience in the romance department (really, he's too much of an asshole for that) aside from two kisses from a really creepy old dude as of the time I'm bringing him into the story.

Hamel is a Meister. He uses other people to do his fighting in his canon whenever possible and it will be hilarious watching him try to keep a weapon.  He'd make a terrible weapon because he doesn't do what anyone wants and is definitely a 'bite the hand that feeds you' sort of guy.

Soul Description:
Greedy, selfish, narcissistic, sadistic, lazy, well meaning.

Hamel's soul is red, has his hair with long side swept bangs and has three horns, the middle like a unicorn and the two on the sides like a bull - curled forward.

(Weapon Form) / Ability:
Soul Manipulate - Because of his marionette ability I think Soul Manipulate might be closest to this. If he gets this,  I'd like to have him able to do this with music instead of eyes if he can find an instrument weapon with the weakness being that if they plug their ears he can't affect them, otherwise eyes will work nicely.

Soul Commune - he'd prefer to be able to screw with people but being able to control animals is a nice second option.

Shadow Soul - similar to his canon in that he has to have someone calming to keep him from losing it.  And he tends to do stuff that would have him in the hospital for weeks.

(He'd do well with Loopy Soul too but that's kind of just who he is)


[The screen comes on and a young blond man appears on it, looking down intently before his face breaks into a wide grin]  Holy crap it's ME!  Haha what the hell is this thing?

[he taps the screen and looks at it, turning it this way and that with dizzying speed]  Well looking at myself is pretty awesome but does it do anything else?  Shit, I bet I could totally freak Raiel out.  [The camera moves really close to his face, close enough to see his nose hairs and he seems to be checking them out cheerfully for a few moments before the camera pulls back again.] 

Damn I look good.  [He pushes his hat a little so it sits more jauntily and  glances off to the side where another voice is too quiet to hear] Huh?

[He frowns and then glares]

Of course I knew that! Shut up! Do I look stupid to you?!

[He looks at the screen again and squints like he's trying to see in it. Then mumbles out loud] I don't see anyone else. [Then it gets louder and more emphatic] Hey, if you're seeing me, tell me where I can sell some stuff, I need some cash quick. 

[ Please write at least three paragraphs about your character’s arrival in Shibusen’s kishin chamber. This can include their last few moments in their own world, as well as their first few minutes in Death City. You can read about the place they will be when they first arrive here. ]

Hamel didn't remember falling asleep.  Sure he'd been a little tired after the excitement of saving Sizer but hadn't he been chatting with that idiot Clari?  Man, Clari wasn't just a sister complex freak, he was apparently also so boring to listen to that he put people to sleep.  He blinked in the darkened room and narrowed his eyes at the new surroundings. "Heeey, Oboe!  Where the hell are we?"  It didn't really look like the castle, too much red and what the hell was that freaky looking thing in the middle of the room?  He walked forward, his cloak swirling out behind him, very hero-like if you asked him, and put his hands on his hips looking up at the thing and tilting his head.  "That is some ugly ass crap." 

Lights flickered on and he stepped back, holding up his hands like he was going to fend off an attack when the screens came to life.  He frowned and looked up at the red haired man's image as it appeared.  "What new magic is this?" He wondered aloud, listening to the guy talk, irritation starting to color his expression.  "Remain calm my ass!" He yelled at the image in the air. "Gimme back Oboe you senile old fart!" 

Apparently the person in the image couldn't hear him because he didn't react at all and just kept right on talking.  To be honest it sounded like nonsense but he wouldn't shut up so Hamel flopped down on the ground and sighed as the guy droned on about some stupid war and witches and shit.  It all sounded like none of his problem until the bit about not having his weapon anymore.  Hamel snorted and touched the scroll of his violin over his shoulder.  Like this weirdo knew anything about his violin.  "Psh."  Wait, new skills?  The Great Hero was going to become even greater?  Was greater a word? Who the hell cared?!  And free room and board?  Jackpot!  The entire issue back home had temporarily fled his mind in light of free lodgings and new powers.  If they threw money into this mix he might just carry their babies!!

He took the offered device and turned it in his hand blinking down at it and then shaking it next to his ear before tossing it into his pack lazily.  Because what the hell did he need some little metal thingy for?  Lame.  Besides, now he could focus on a place to sleep and if he could finagle it?  Food.

Hamel has a horn on his head like a unicorn, though it is stocky when he is human about four inches give or take.  He wears his hat to hide this at all times. If you try to take his hat he will not hesitate to flip his shit.  It identifies him as a demon and when people see it they either want to run and hide or want to kill him in his world.  He's got some deep seated issues about the horn.

The Great Hero Hamel

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